Essential Oils

IVS has done extensive research on essential oils in order to provide the best quality care for our patients. We use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils daily in our practice. Young Living has a superior reputation for how they source, process their oils from seed to seal and carry high standards for quality and purity. These are pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and thus need to be used in an educated, safe manor. We incorporate these oils into the care of many of our patients and help the owners become educated on proper use for both themselves and their pets. We feel the oils can provide may healing benefits, which also complement the other modalities we offer. One of the first things our clients and patients will notice when they walk into our office is the smell and overall calming effect of the oils we are diffusing at all times during our business hours. This helps us maintain a peaceful environment and positive energy for our clients and patients especially.

Essential oils provide hundreds of health and healing benefits for our patients including reducing stress and anxiety, promoting mental focus, treating allergies, providing pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects, assisting in the treatment of cancers and other advanced or chronic conditions and even provides a natural option for flea and tick prevention. Essential oils are a healthy and natural way to incorporate additional assistance in helping the body heal without having any interactions with other medications, supplements, herbals or homeopathic remedies that you may be using.